Blossoms After Beautiful Rain

Wasn’t it a wonderful set of two-for-one rainstorms? I like it when it rains slightly for a while, preparing the top layer of mulch and open soil for the entrance of heavier rain that completely moistens the soil below, followed by a clearing day, then another rain that brings even more moisture. This is the perfect way to water naturally deeply!

Of course, the thunder and lightning from 5am to 6am on Sunday morning, accompanied by the worst downpour I’ve ever experienced, was incredible, and I was glad the ground had the opportunity to absorb the rain slowly.

After the first storm, my various containers with potted plants that had not yet been planted were completely filled with rainwater that I then climbed into the garden. The second storm brought only half-full garbage cans, which I also poured into the garden. Open water, with every drop captured by mulch to be released long-term to the roots of plants – does not improve!

I like not to trample the garden for a whole day after rainstorms to allow sufficient drainage in the trails so as not to compact even the soil covered with several inches of mulch. And I want to go to the garden in the after afternoon, when the sun has just crossed the hill behind us, because this period – Always brightly lit, but without contrasting shadows-is the fine for photos.

But today I saw how wonderfully bright the Mesembryanthemum was in the sun and almost completely covered the slope, so I went up the hill early – just to cheerfully hum the bees in the Mesembryanthemum and around the fruit trees. This is a good month earlier than usual in the past, which in my opinion is another consequence of the lack of actual winter weather and drought. But the fine possible help to pollinate fruit trees!

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