Great Garden Decorating Tips

We have an abundance of decorating materials for this winter holiday right in our own gardens, no matter how tiny! From this single mother plant blooming in a container to an abundance of vegetables and ornamentals on acres of countryside, we are indeed lucky enough to live in Southern California! Adding ribbons and jewelry customize our groups of plants on the front door, on the dining table and in each person’s individual room.

If you look at the “normal” elements in a new way, you can discover many options. Adding green and red peppers provide classic holiday colors to a wreath at your front door. A strangely curled overripe Armenian cucumber or a long-necked squash will become a highlight in a table layout. A tree ornament becomes special when it is the only one on a wreath that hangs from a child’s door and indicates its special place.

As simple as a bunch of branches of favorite herbs tied with a ribbon, or as intricate as a large, intricate wreath decorated with lots of sentimental objects from a person’s life, materials can include anything you can get your hands on. Try vine trimmings from the back fence, pine cones fallen from the neighbor’s tree, Posies you dried yourself, or chilies you strung last summer, a whole head of sunflower, eucalyptus foliage and pods, evergreen cuttings-pine, spruce, holly, redwood, cedar, Osmanthus, juniper – Honeysuckle filling, magnolia leaves and seed cones, wisteria filling, fresh and dried fruits and nuts, dried Indian corn ears with shells partially removed to reveal colored pits, dried rosebuds, and Pyracantha berries and leaves.

Everything and everything becomes fair game when it comes to decoration. The essence of creativity is to collect materials in a new and exciting way – it all depends on you and your innate intelligence and sense of humor.

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